TST3 Specifications

Its Benchtop At just 471W x 654.5H x 623mmL (ship and box sizes are larger, weight is approx 72kg) and needs a sturdy work bench. Uses a standard USB2 connection (not supplied). The SLAM Laser works from all Windows and Mac computers BUT the SLAM RiP will work best with Windows 7 or earlier. We also recommend that all art is saved as PSD. File from either Mac or PC and opened for management through a PC with Photoshop (create in Adobe, Illustrator, Quark ,Coral etc but save as a PSD file).

Cartridge and Drums Are proprietary and won’t work in other machines and are not like those used in a normal paper printing process. Typically a cartridge RRP is @ USD$250 – 450 for 15,000 page* hi use cartridge (Note:* rates are calculated at @5% coverage approximately per sheet as per manufacturers specifications).

Cost per print is inexpensive for garments compared to other transfer mediums available – approximately $1.50-$3.00 for a full printed image with 100% coverage and as low as >15c for a pocket print. Prices are different per country dependent on import duties and taxes – your authorized dealer will have a better idea of full final costs.

Speed – FAST About 23 pages per minute – 9 seconds for the first image sheets to be printed – heat press time 10-20 seconds and warm peel so you can rock through shirts pretty quick per hour. Sometimes it’s best to pre-heat your garments for 10 seconds to remove excess moisture from them first – but you need to test prior to production. Run two or three heat presses and you’re cooking real quantity production numbers.

Papers Available in A4 size 210 x 297mm (11x8inch) and A3 is 420 x 297mm (11x17inch). Each set of papers are packed in 100 sheets per and poly wrapped to keep out moisture and in a cardboard box with instructions sheet. There are 3 papers available:

  1. A one step paper for light and dark garments
  2. A white color booster for higher opacity
  3. A hard surface paper for metal, plastic, ceramic, wood etc.

More about cartridges and Drums The Slam cartridges and drums are proprietary so that other laser cartridges and drums .will not work in the machines. We have to guarantee quality and the toners we use are unique – however they will work on normal paper and card stocks as well. Imagine – brochures produced in-house on colored paper – truly endless possibilities!!